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In addition to light steel villas, what else can be built in light steel fabricated buildings?

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In recent years, the rural economy has developed rapidly, and farmers' requirements for housing have become higher and higher. From the past, "just living is enough", it gradually becomes the requirements for the use function, the surrounding environment, the quality of living, and the quality of the house.
As the country's efforts to improve environmental protection have increased and red bricks have been banned, light steel villas will surely replace traditional construction methods and become the mainstream construction methods in the future. More people understand and use the prefabricated house building method strongly advocated by this country, and enjoy the quality houses that light steel villas bring to people with earthquake resistance, wind resistance, energy saving, environmental protection, thermal insulation, beauty and comfort, and cost-effectiveness.
Light steel villas As a new type of house, light steel villas have gradually penetrated into people's lives. Let me introduce you to the light steel villa besides serving as our private housing, what else can it do? In fact, the application range of light steel villas is very wide. It can be widely used in civil and public buildings, such as: new rural construction, private villas, apartments, resettlement houses, vacation houses, camp houses, office buildings, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, Nursing homes, hotels, guesthouses, guest houses, service centers, churches and temples, selling booths, sentry boxes, public toilets, etc.
Nursing home
A house suitable for the elderly needs to meet many conditions: good ventilation and lighting capacity; relatively large indoor space; flat ground with a certain anti-slip ability; quiet and far away from the noise source; if it is a two-story house, stairs are required The steps should be large, the slope should be gentle, and the handrails should be stable; the master bedroom has a bathroom.
New Countryside Construction
The row plan saves valuable land resources. From exterior construction to internal structure, it is necessary to be green and environmentally friendly, but also safe and comfortable. It is undoubtedly the best choice to adopt light steel fabricated buildings.
The farm mainly aims to be close to nature and ecological and environmental protection, and provides farmhouse entertainment and services for groups who love sports, nature, enjoy health care and leisure, and self-driving tours. Light-steel farms can be built in the shortest time, and their creative and customized appearance are loved by farmers and consumer groups.
Tea house
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there is always a longing for a quiet tea room to savor the world of tea. With the coolness of light steel, the minimalist design, and the simple appearance, create a rich and powerful spiritual world for tea lovers. Bright light and suitable exterior scenery add a sense of tranquility to the tea room.
The maturity of light steel structure construction technology has promoted the development of resort hotels, enabling them to switch freely in various environments. The classic combination of white and green is permeated with the breath of youthful green grass. The simple inclined roof design, with semi-circular arc windows, perfectly blends Europe and modernity.
The metallic sense of modern design cleverly combines fashion and trend. Using the concept of aesthetics, the space image is maximized, and the vision is broad, making full use of the unique space conditions in the building, and achieving the realm of harmonious coexistence in terms of color and shape.
Taking full advantage of the light weight and large span of the light steel roof, the large cantilevered roof brings a sense of atmosphere and modernity, and the exposed purlin at the end of the knife handle borrows Chinese elements. The oblique columns on both sides of the front elevation have hidden beams in the middle, which are connected with the triangular roof trusses in the vertical direction. The modern and large-span design gives a strong visual impact, and the whole building appears high-end and magnificent.
Service Center
The construction of comprehensive cultural service centers in towns and villages is of great significance for promoting the standardization and equalization of basic public cultural services, and comprehensively strengthening and upgrading grass-roots public cultural services. The light steel structure prefabricated building is used to shorten the construction period, reduce the environmental pollution on site, and has the incomparable thermal insulation performance of traditional buildings.
Office building
The square shape makes the building full of modernity. The dry-hanging curtain wall finishes show the heavy feeling of the building, and the delicate treatment of the details makes the whole building lively. The towering pillars on both sides of the door make the building more upright.
The human-oriented design concept maximizes the value of the limited space, and the simple but detailed shape maintains the complete performance of the house while weakening the space separation to ensure a richer life demand. In a simple space, improving the comfort of the residence is the best choice.
Car Villa·Homestay
Light steel mobile villa-style RVs are not restricted by the nature of the land, and are suitable for various non-permanent construction sites, such as RV campgrounds, agricultural ecological parks, mountain forest scenic spots, resort camps, etc., without damaging the ecological environment and land resources, and are comfortable, Environmental protection, lightness and other characteristics.
Sentry box
Sentry boxes are necessary for general communities and offices. The reasonable appearance and the advancement of materials have become a small art building, making it more and more widely used. Beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable, easy to carry, not restricted by the site and climate, it can be placed wherever it is needed. It is flexible to match various functional requirements, and can be customized according to different usage requirements.
Old house renovation
Renovate old houses and dilapidated houses, increase the safety of the old houses through structural reinforcement, redesign the interior and exterior decoration, maximize the value of limited space, simple but not missing the details of the shape, maintain the complete performance of the house while improving the comfort of the house Spend.
Eco toilet
"Small toilets, great people's livelihood", as a carrier of social public services, toilets are an important symbol of the image of urban and rural civilization. As a new type of green building, the steel structure ecological toilet can be customized in appearance and rich in shapes. It can be a garden style suitable for scenic spots, or a comprehensive type of housing, office, business buildings, etc., with complete functions and appearance. Simple and elegant.
With the continuous strengthening and updating of light steel materials and the continuous improvement of construction technology, it is believed that light steel structures will have more extensive and important applications in all walks of life and various places. The era of light steel is worth looking forward to!