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Light steel structure villas do not need bricks, and whether the cement is strong

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In the past, light steel structures have always been developed in factories and large venues. Now they are gradually moving into the field of steel structure houses. Many people have doubts. Is light steel structure strong without cement and bricks?
The construction technology of light steel villa light steel structure low-rise residential is evolved on the basis of North American style wood structure construction technology. After a century of development, it has formed a mature construction with excellent physical properties, flexible space and shape, easy construction, and diverse forms. system.
In Europe and America, the development of light steel structures is relatively long; in China, light steel villas are still a new concept.
How to measure whether the house is strong or not?
Whether the house is strong or not is mainly reflected in the life of the house and the safety performance in the event of natural disasters, rather than the intuitive experience of pinching and kicking with your feet.
Traditional brick and cement houses are masonry structures and rigid links, which cannot withstand instant forces such as earthquakes and typhoons. The huge external force tearing will cause the structure to collapse and cause secondary damage to life and property.
How strong is the light steel structure?
The main structure of the light steel structure villa is a high-strength, high-galvanized keel structure system, which is connected by high-galvanized bolts to form an overall flexible structure. When encountering natural disasters (such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, etc.),
It can instantly unload the external force and release the shear or deformation response of the huge external force to the house to ensure the overall safety of the house. Even if the house collapses and deforms due to a larger earthquake or typhoon, it will form a flexible support space to protect lives and property.