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Is the cost of light steel structure villa expensive?

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1-Light steel villa-Light steel structure is a young and very vital steel structure system, which has been widely used in general industrial and agricultural, commercial, and service buildings, such as office buildings, villas, warehouses, stadiums, entertainment, and tourism. Buildings and low- and multi-storey residential buildings can also be used in areas with increased floors, renovation, reinforcement of old houses, areas lacking in building materials, areas with inconvenient transportation, tight construction schedules, and movable demolition buildings, which are highly favored by owners.
Light Steel Villa 2-House weight angle-
Because all the materials of the light steel structure house are light, its own weight is light, which is only 1/5 of the brick-concrete structure and 1/6 of the steel-concrete structure, so the foundation cost can be greatly reduced. For double-layer light steel structure houses, dig 400mm-600mm deep below the ground, and set up a structural ring beam with a height of 240mm-300mm above the ground. In some mountains, hills, and desert areas, light steel structure houses do not require special foundation treatment, and the cost is greatly reduced compared with brick-concrete structures.
3- Building area-
Take three types of houses with different structures as examples: a two-story residential building adopts a brick-concrete structure with a building area of ​​about 400 square meters; a three-story residential building adopts a reinforced concrete structure with a building area of ​​about 550 square meters. After calculation, analysis and comparison, the area utilization rate of the two buildings with different structures is 73% and 78.4%, respectively; while the utilization rate of the light steel structure house with medium-sized buildings is as high as 90%.
4- Construction period and other costs-
1. The construction of light steel structure houses is highly industrialized and fast. The construction period is half shorter than that of brick-concrete houses. It takes two months to complete the construction from structure to exterior and interior (300-400 square meters). The construction of light steel structure houses is less affected by weather and seasons, and can be carried out under various climatic conditions, realizing uninterrupted construction throughout the year, and reducing on-site transportation and hoisting costs.
2. The construction period has increased, and workers have to spend more time on site, and they have to pay a certain fee every day. Therefore, the labor cost of light steel villas is significantly lower than that of brick-concrete houses.
5- Post-maintenance cost, exterior wall decoration and insulation-
The 375px wall insulation effect of light steel structure houses is equivalent to that of a 1m thick brick-concrete house. After the brick-concrete house is built, in order to have a better appearance and thermal insulation effect, additional external decoration and external wall insulation are often required. However, the light steel structure house is in place at one time and does not involve secondary costs. Cost of use: Because light steel structure houses are better than brick-concrete houses for heat preservation and heat insulation, the cost of turning on air-conditioning and heating will be greatly reduced in the later period.