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Why is the cost of light steel villas low

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Our traditional building requires main materials such as steel bars, cement, and red bricks. The prices of these building materials are getting higher and higher with the development of the economy, and the construction process requires a lot of human resources. The labor cost is now also very high, and various factors have increased. Together, the cost of an ordinary house can reach hundreds of thousands or even higher. As time progresses, the cost of traditional houses will continue to rise.
Light steel villas Light steel villas have three characteristics. One is that the components of the house are all produced in the workshop, with a high degree of mechanization, high production efficiency, not only good quality, but also relatively low prices; the other is that the materials are all green and environmentally friendly new materials. , Heat insulation and warmth, the quality is very light, 90% of the materials can be recycled and reused; third, the installation speed is fast, the construction period of a 200 square meters villa is not more than 2 months, which saves a lot of labor costs.
Light steel villas are not only beautiful, but the main structure has a service life of 90 years. Our traditional houses have been used for more than 30 years and become dangerous houses. There is almost no beauty at all. From a long-term perspective, light steel villas are very cost-effective.