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Light steel villa: "light, fast, good, and economical", the first choice for self-built houses in rural areas

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To build a house, apart from laying the foundation, there is no need for bricks, cement, sand or gravel. Have you ever seen a house like this? Moreover, you can live in a new house in less than two months from start to completion! This is not a joke, such a new type of light steel construction. From a distance, this house is no different from traditional houses, but in fact, it uses light steel keel as the frame, which is more earthquake-resistant, heat-insulating, and more cost-effective than traditional houses. Light-steel villas This kind of light-steel house (villa) uses light-steel structural accessories, and the production process is also installed like building blocks. The on-site construction speed is very fast. The average family building can be completed and moved in less than two months, which is nearly fast About 10 times. At the same time, since the construction process does not require water, sand, stone, and bricks, this also greatly saves the owner’s construction costs. It is very economical and practical, has strong wind and earthquake resistance, and more than 95% of the materials in the house can be recycled for secondary use. energy saving. In order to vigorously improve the quality of rural housing construction, the promotion of steel structure prefabricated farm houses has gradually become the focus of national housing and urban and rural construction work, and light steel villas have gradually become the first choice for rural families to build their own houses.