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Container mobile houses play a big role in post-disaster reconstruction

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The power of nature is not considered to be resistible. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and tsunamis bring us infinite grief. After the disaster, we had to rebuild our homes. The primary task of post-disaster reconstruction is temporary housing. How to choose temporary housing has become a hot topic. Examples of architects participating in the construction of temporary residences after the disaster are well-known examples of paper-tube structure houses designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ita, which is more convenient to build and can guide disaster victims to build independently, similar to tents with a long service life. Taiwanese architect Xie Yingjun has also designed wooden temporary residential communities in Taiwan. In addition, there are a large number of methods that use plastic composite materials to produce temporary housing units, but this method is more costly and has a longer mass production cycle. At present, the Wenchuan earthquake has a large area and many cities affected. This method is cost-effective. There are problems in scale, and after the completion of the urban construction, the recycling and disposal of plastic composite materials is also a huge problem. Modular assembly of container house Judging from the information currently available, I personally think that using container buildings as ready-made modular buildings will be a more appropriate choice for temporary residential resettlement after the disaster. The reasons are as follows: 1. The ready-made modularization of container houses provides the simplest, safe, fast and solid basic layout unit for temporary construction. 2. The container house can be reused many times. When the metropolis is renovated, after the residents who are temporarily under construction return to their hometowns, the containers can still be returned to the factory warehouse, waiting for the next "task" to arrive, which means that there is no waste of resources at all. Not to mention the critical cost of recycling and destroying waste materials brought about by temporary construction and disposal. 3. The dimensions and specifications of the container body are unified. Since it is produced in accordance with the international standard of unobstructed industrial transportation, the four corners have hoisting parts, so all the construction hoisting technical equipment provided by the international community can be used in the construction process of temporary construction after the disaster, without the need to formulate corresponding rules and technologies again Equipment support, throttling construction of the key R&D process. 4. Compared with temporary construction made of tents or other organic materials, container buildings are easier to clean and disinfect to keep clean and hygienic. This reduces the possibility of plagues or epidemic infectious diseases that may break out in temporary layout areas after the disaster. s level. 5. Container construction has relatively strong firmness. All containers are processed from steel materials and have relatively good seismic and anti-deformation capabilities. Therefore, the possibility of secondary trauma after the disaster can be prevented.