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The development trend of light steel structure

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With the rapid development of my country's economy and the acceleration of the process of urbanization, as well as the increase in the total building volume and the improvement of living comfort, the energy consumption of light steel housing construction continues to increase, and the energy saving and emission reduction situation of light steel housing construction is increasingly severe. In recent years, although my country has been promoting the promotion and application of building energy-saving technologies, there are still embarrassing energy-saving phenomena in general. The application of building energy-saving technology is conducive to saving resources, reducing environmental pollution, and is related to the vital interests of the people. Take building energy-saving and structural integration technology as an example. This technology is a new type of building structure system that integrates thermal insulation and envelope functions. Without additional insulation measures, the wall can meet the requirements of the current building energy efficiency standards. The theoretical life of the external wall insulation is only 25 years, which is far lower than the normal life of the main building body of 50 years. Compared with ordinary external wall insulation technology, this comprehensive technology can not only effectively solve the problem of the same life span of the insulation system and the main body of the building, but also significantly improve the fire resistance and earthquake resistance of the building structure. Light steel buildings conform to the national energy-saving emission reduction and industrial development policies, and are the direction of green buildings and building energy-saving development. Although building energy-saving technologies are continuously being promoted and applied, building energy consumption and the market have not yet been completely straightened out, and the building heating charging mechanism has not yet been reformed. The energy saving of users has become a major bottleneck restricting the development of building heating and promotes the application of building energy-saving technologies. In addition, the application of energy-saving technology will lead to an increase in initial investment, and real estate developers will increase costs due to the use of energy-saving technology. Buyers have to pay for this, but they cannot get a certain amount of compensation, which will hinder the promotion of energy-saving technologies and take actions to eliminate obstacles. Our region must vigorously implement green construction activities, and the autonomous region must comprehensively promote it in terms of policies and regulations, institutional mechanisms, planning and design, standards and regulations, technology promotion, construction, operation, and industrial support. Green buildings promote the industrialization of modern buildings. “Green buildings cannot be simply equated with energy-saving buildings. Green buildings are not the so-called superposition of high-tech.” In fact, this is also the current development of green buildings in many cities in China. Many places believe that green is Energy saving, but in f. Green building involves six aspects, including energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving, indoor environment and property management, etc. It is a life cycle of our buildings in the past. In these 70 years, the house has been in business for 50 years, but it may be demolished in 20 or 30 years. Why? Because the design is not humane and advanced enough, it may not keep up with the situation in the past 20 years and consume energy materials; while energy-saving buildings are purely energy-saving and only meet the requirements of building energy-saving design standards. Another key point is that green buildings are definitely not a simple superposition of high-tech. Some people think that putting energy-saving, power-saving, water-saving and other high-tech on a small area is a green building. This is a completely wrong concept. In fact, the core concept of green building is "adjust measures to local conditions and put people first." In the phases of land acquisition, layout planning, and energy saving, design and construction shall be carried out according to the local topography, topography, planning, natural ventilation, and lighting conditions. The actual evaluation criteria are also evaluated based on this concept. Instead of simple high-tech stacking. At the same time, try to make people comfortable and comfortable, meet people's functional requirements, and provide a healthy, applicable and efficient use space. After more than 20 years of development, my country's construction steel structure industry has formed a huge industrial chain dominated by steel production, steel structure design, component processing and manufacturing, component installation and other related industries. Among them, only the main output value of light steel structure manufacturing exceeds 60 billion yuan. The development of the construction steel structure industry has also driven the development of related supporting industries. However, in any case, the steel structure construction market is still an emerging market in my country, which requires the common attention of all sectors of society. National macro-management should mobilize the enthusiasm of steel enterprises to research and promote high-performance structural steel from the system, and promote the promotion and application of new steel grades. According to industry insiders, China’s steel structure industry can be said to have “heavy tasks and a long way to go” if it is to reach the level of “Tibetan Steel in Construction” in developed countries. 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