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What are the product characteristics of the sentry box mobile home

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The materials for the sentry box mobile room must be high-quality steel structure, and some glass is also steel glass, but this is generally rare, and the common one is ordinary glass. The general security sentry box uses this kind of steel structure. The sentry box made out. The size of the steel structure is not fixed. Many of them are customized according to the customer's own requirements, which meets the size of the place they want to put. However, the general sentry box will have some standard structures, such as the common specifications of 1 meter, 8X1 meter, and 8X3 meter. , Or 2 meters X 2 meters X 3 meters and so on. Standard configuration of energy-saving lamps, switches, sockets, dark line telephone line workbench and other product features. Sentry box mobile home manufacturers Material of sentry box activity room: 1. Main body: δ1.2mmA3 steel profile 40*80 square. 2. Secondary column: adopts δ1.2mmA3 steel profile 40*80 square column 3. Glass: the arc glass is 8mm hot-bent glass, the plane glass is 8mm tempered glass, and the car film is pasted on the glass; 4. Door: adopt δ1.2mm electrolytic plate pressure forming, the glass is 8mm tempered glass, the car film is pasted on the glass, and the rain cover is added on the top of the door; 5. Outer layer: A3 steel square pass 20*30*1.2mm spliced ​​into an artistic louver shape; 6. Inner layer: 8mm tempered glass, with automobile film on the outside; 7. Sentry box head: δ1.2mm electrolytic plate pressure forming and welding, and the overall car painting treatment; 8. Waterproof item: Folded with δ1.0mm galvanized sheet, sealed with neutral glue; 9. Indoor suspended ceiling: use wooden board as foundation and paste δ2mm luxury ivory white aluminum plastic panel 10. Power configuration: a set of circular 21W energy-saving lamps, a set of leakage protection switches, one set of two or three sockets; 11. Bottom plate: use iron square pass as the foundation; lay a δ2mm thick galvanized sheet (or a 12m thick wooden board), plus a non-slip aluminum sheet; 12. Additional equipment: work surface, keyboard shelf, drawer, air-conditioning shelf. Features of sentry box mobile room manufacturers: 1. The material surface of the sentry box is processed by special craftsmanship and made with precision workmanship. It has unique models, a wide variety of varieties, beautiful appearance, stability and durability, and is suitable for various passages and parking lots. 2. The theme frame is welded integrally with high-quality stainless steel, with high strength and wind pressure resistance; 3. The top material adopts special waterproof articulation technology to completely solve the problem of water leakage; 4. All guard boxes are equipped with power sockets for air conditioners and other electrical appliances, which are convenient to use. Advantages of sentry box activity room: (1) The sentry box mobile room has light weight and high strength; (2) Steel has good plasticity and toughness; (3) The steel material is uniform, which is closer to a homogeneous isotropic body; (4) The steel is impermeable, making it a closed structure; (5) The sentry box mobile house is easy to manufacture, and the construction period is short. The assembly is good; (6) The steel has poor corrosion resistance, so protective measures should be taken.